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21st Century Rapid Assembly Building Kit Technology

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The future of infrastructure is "Just in Time".

Just-in-time delivery of structures, ready to support people and business, customizable to the site, long lasting, ready for smart energy and water.


  • Just in time delivery of distributed energy, ready to support structures, the people who live and work in them, and the services they need, and ready for smart grids.
  • Just in time delivery of pure water, ready to support people and agriculture, able to work alongside smart power and smart grids.
  • Just in time delivery of fresh food from local sustainable agriculture, working hand in hand with smart energy and smart water.
  • Just in time delivery must work with the people already on site.


Whether for disaster recovery or urban rejuvenation or a mountain retreat, the people on-site must be able to assemble the systems and get them to work together. Just as no two sites and the people who live there are identical, so no two installations will be identical. Different mixes of structure and energy, of water and agriculture, supporting different aesthetic and cultural expectations, will be assembled on-site by the labor force available.


We are assembling an ecosystem of systems and companies, together creating smart infrastructure. Smart Infrastructure is able to interact with smart grids and smart water using open internationally recognized standards. Smart infrastructure is modular, easy to assemble onsite with semi-skilled labor.



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21st Century

Customized Building Kits

Our factory is ISO certified and has long-established best practices and processes to produce Patented Steel and Foam Cement Building Kits that can be rapidly assembled. Use our floorplans or create your own CAD drawings with full elevations and we will build to your specifications.

Base kits include exterior/interior walls, doors, windows and steel roof.

Optional decorations for exterior/interior build out are available. .


Smart Building Technology can be readily incorporated into the design of these durable structures.

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Green Technology Energy Solutions

Micro-Grid, Off-Grid, On-Grid

PanLbilt provides a Total Solution Approach to supplying electrical power to our Building kits and Atmospheric Water Generator AWG Water from Air units.

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Converged Technologies include Wind Turbines and Solar Panels


Water from Air AWG

Atmospheric Water Generators

Produce sustainable and renewable Fresh Drinking Water on a daily basis that meets or exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) Standards. Our system uses a multi-stage filtration process to intake moisture from the air and create chemical and contaminant-free, tasty and refreshing Fresh Drinking Water.

Residential indoor unit models are available in 12 Liters/3.17 Gallons per day and 40 Liters/10.56 Gallons per day.


Commercial outdoor units range from 100L to 20,000L per day in temperatures ranging from 59 degrees F/15 degrees C to 95 degrees F/35 degrees C and relative humidity from 30% to 100%.




Water Reservoir Storage Tanks

With Solar Mixer

The Customized Tank is designed to stand up to aggressive wind loads in specific regions where hurricanes, high winds and thunderstorms occur regularly. The tank shell can be adapted to your specific needs, we can adapt
the wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design for an even more durable structure when nature comes thundering down.

A lightweight zincalume roof designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 55m/second can cover tanks. Roofs are fitted with a hatch, internal and external ladder for easy access inside the tank. Tanks can also be sealed with felt to avoid insect and dust contamination. All commercial and industrial water storage tanks require the construction of a concrete ring beam footing. It is imperritave for the client to ensure that the foundation and civil works for the site are adequate. Ring beam design is dependant on the tank size and location.



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