PanLbilt offers Customized Green Technology Building Kits that

include exterior/interior walls, doors, windows and steel roof.

A one story building can be rapidly assembled in 8 hours.

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Residents displaced in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, US and British Virgin Islands and previously by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Sandy on the East Coast face a massive cleanup process and elongated building recovery to enable return to the serenity of the lives prior to the recent destructive Hurricanes.



PanLbilt’s engineering team undertook a study to determine the feasibility of providing a new design constructed with our Patented 21st Century Steel and Foam Cement Panel Kits. This also presented an opportunity to embed Off-Grid technology within the footprint of the structure to accommodate a Water from Air AWG unit that is plug compatible and generator in the event of loss of electrical power.


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Disaster Rated Products

 Waterproof panels Withstands heavy rain

 Impervious to mold and mildew

 Life Span: 50-70 years 

Fire Proof: A1 Level 

Thermal Conductivity: 0.1035 W/m.K (90mm thick wall has the same thermal conductivity as 350mm brick wall) 

 Thermal Resistance: 0.869 m2·K/W 

Snow Resistance: Snow pressure 8.219 KN/m2

 Earthquake Resistance to Richter 9 

Sound Insulation: 40 dB 

Wind Load: Wind speed up to 140 MPH 

Wall Shock Resistance: 500 KG concentrated force 

Built-in Electrical Wire & Water Conduits