21st Century Green Technology provides a viable and cost effective alternative to fossil fuels that pollute the environment. Atmospheric Water Generator AWG Water from Air units can leverage securing electrical power fully Off-Grid.


Our technical team has years of experience providing Customized Design 

and Build Services to provide solar power ranging from commercial 

Megawatt installations to individual residences. Standalone micro-grid 

solutions to provide local energy 100% Off-Grid.

Solar Arrays


Wind Turbines





PV-plants can be installed on individual 

needs and demands. From the on-roof-system 

to tracker-systems or the building of an integrated 

PV-system, Green Technology Global is prepared 

to design and implement the appropriate PV-plant. 

 Green Technology Global offers PV-plant systems 

for private, business and Industrial customers, as 

well for investors for our solar projects.

For further technical information, please contact our 

Marketing Department at allan@PanLbilt.com