PanLbilt offers full customization services to assist in your design of Buildings that leverage 21st Century Technology.

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Steel & Foam Cement Panels  

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Each project begins with the vision of the definition of each building structure for architectural structural integrity, form and aesthetics. These customized designs are then drawn electronically in CAD with Full Elevations. Our Engineering Team then uses those take-offs to convert all measures to the requisite number of panels that form the structure of the building.





Basic kits comprise External/Internal Steel & Foam Cement Walls with built-in pipes for water and electrical systems, steel roof support structure and Panels.



All integral building components are tested for Quality Assurance at multiple stages along the production line. The Building Kit is fully assembled on the factory floor to ensure proper fit. When assembled there is less than 2mm separation between panels that is filled on-site during assembly with waterproof and fire resistant putty especially formulated for this purpose. The building is then disassembled, each piece is numbered for identification and ease in assembly at the final location.

PanLbilt will train & certify installation teams on proper assembly procedures to insure compliance with local building codes.


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