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About PanLbilt Global

Our Mission

We are dedicated to humanitarian efforts related to providing quality of life for comfortable housing, fresh drinking water that does not impact existing resources and Green Energy via 21st Century converged Technologies.

Our Founder, Mr. Peter Franzen

Peter was a true inspiration to all who had the opportunity to meet with him. An international banker by profession, he brought a message of hope to those in need of a proper roof over their heads with modern conveniences of life.

It was his vision and inspiration to explore 100% Green Technology solutions that led to his securing a patent for Steel & Foam Cement Building Kits, capable of withstanding earthquakes to Richter 9 and winds up to 140 MPH.













In April, 2016, on a missionary trip to Africa, Peter fell critically ill and passed away just a few days later after being airlifted back to Germany.

We continue his legacy and have expanded our Green Technology offerings to include Steel & Foam Building Kits, Water from Air Units that produce Fresh Drinking Water daily that meets or exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) Standards, Large Capacity Water Storage Reservoirs and Microgrid Technology that delivers clean, sustainable and renewable energy.