21st Century Green Technology provides renewable and sustainable fresh drinking water daily without impact on the environment or reliance on existing water resources. O intakes air from the atmosphere to create water that is pure of contaminants & impurities (bacteria, dust, viruses) and is great tasting and healthy.

Features and Benefits: 

Produces Fresh Drinking Water that meets or exceeds World Health Organ (WHO) standards. 

Plugs into in-house ON-Grid Electrical outlets Can be powered via Off-Grid solar energy 

Easy user-friendly replacement filters Leverages Green Technology that eliminates dependence on municipal pipe infrastructure

 Eliminates the use of plastic water bottles Mitigates transportation costs; fresh drinking water is produced daily as a renewable resource soley from the atmosphere 

Greatly reduces cost of liters/gallons Enables Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) of Capital Costs"


Download the 500L Water from Air Unit Technical Specs