Smart Grid/100% Off Grid Converged Technology

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Green Technology 360 Off-Grid Solutions - Patented Steel & Foam Cement Building Panel Systems, Water from Air & Wind/Solar Energy
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Transactive Resource Management

PanLbilt provides a Converged Technology Solution that leverages Proprietary Software to securely remotely manage energy, smart building and water sources connected to a Micro Grid.

Elements include:


Improvements in technology in homes and smart energy are out of reach for low income households. Each improvement prices more families out of the market. We will deploy and demonstrate Transactive Resource Management integrated into a quality modular infrastructure at affordable prices.

Transactive Resource Management is the basis for distributed energy, personal microgrids, and smart energy. We will create open source software to support dynamic virtuous markets. Open standards will create an open ecosystem; new participants will be able to enter the market easily.

Modular components incorporating Transactive Resource Management do not need custom integration. Modular panels build homes and businesses cheaper, faster, and better—ready for personal microgrids and smart water. Modular solar power negotiates with energy uses and power storage. Atmospheric water generation acquires smart energy even as it supplies the transactive water network. Modular agriculture integrates with smart energy and smart water.


The purpose of the partnership with the non-profit Energy Mashup Lab is the development and promotion of open source software that will:

  • Enable any device that generates, controls, consumes, or stores energy to act in a Microcell.
  • Enable the members of any Microcell to coordinate to achieve locally defined objectives.
  • Enable collections of Microcells to interoperate as a Microgrid.
  • Support Microgrid communications with the Smart Grid while remaining under local control.
  • Support easy and open integration of smart energy devices.

Panlbilt’s purpose is to provide housing that is comfortable, and sustainable using customized Green Technology. PanLbilt’s focus is autonomous converged technologies, including water harvesting and solar power.

Transactive Energy names the techniques and standards to use local variable resources while aligning services with human-centric schedules. Transactive Energy is the foundation of The Lab’s software. Transactive Energy and Transactive Water enable the easy integration of the multi-vendor technologies in the PanLbilt ecosystem.


Broad adoption of renewable energy sources requires that the power grid rely on widely distributed and intermittent energy sources. Attempts to centrally control distributed energy resources slow the adoption of new technologies. Traditional building practices are too expensive to benefit lower income communities. Custom integration of distributed energy into sustainable housing makes the cost barriers still higher.
Transactive energy is a recognized means to manage distributed energy generation and use locally. Sites that are managed internally by transactive energy can themselves combine to provide resilience. By eliminating the requirement of central control, transactive energy makes consumer adoption of new energy technologies easier.

Modular infrastructure brings the cost and quality benefits of modern manufacturing to houses and small businesses. Modular infrastructure can be pre-adapted with transactive energy software to be smart energy ready. Modular infrastructure offers improvements of efficiency and air quality at a lower cost. When pre-adapted with transactive energy software, modular infrastructure is ready to include distributed energy and water resources. More efficient use also reduces the distributed resources required, an additional cost reduction.

While transactive resource management has a 23-year record in the research, few projects have gotten past pilot. Necessary communication standards now only three years old. Distributed computing and the Internet of Things are only now reaching adequate maturity. Long-lived power storage without end-of-life disposal problems is only now available sized for homes.
Open source software built on open standards and applied to modular infrastructure will create markets capable of rapid innovation and further cost reduction.


The Lab will develop a platform for transactive power and water integration within and between homes and small businesses. The standards are OASIS specifications for energy markets. The software will be useable under an Apache 2.0 license. The software will be free to download, free to use, and free to modify for incorporation into new products.
PanLbilt is leading a consortium that is committed to open specifications for interconnecting infrastructure. If new standards are required, they will be developed using an open process in OASIS, in NEMA, or other SDO. The consortium wishes to create open markets for modular infrastructure. The consortium will continue to recruit new members.

The Lab has an architecture, developed part in coordination with NIST. We have software donated from some commercial products, and will continue to work to get more. With the grant, our CTO will engage programmers to produce a platform consistent with the architecture published on our site.
PanLbilt will continue to negotiate for a demonstration site in an urban area. The platform will be installed on generic computing devices so we can review the initial operation. Feedback from PanLbilt will be applied to an updated platform. The process will recycle until complete.