About Our Company

"Better, Cheaper, Faster!"

PanLbilt's corporate philosophy is to provide quality of life to world citizens that comprises customized Green Technology affordable housing using patented materials that are sustainable and comfortable.

Our efforts are focused upon providing converged technologies that are 100% Environmentally-friendly, including Atmospheric Water Generators AWG Water from air and Micro-Grid Green Energy.


We honor the legacy of our Co-Founder, Mr. Peter Franzen, who passed away in April, 2016 while on a humanitarian trip to the Ivory Coast in Africa.



"Better, Cheaper, Faster" disruptive techology enables customized floorplans suited to the individual character of the neighborhood, as well as functionality to include smart building technology into the design.

PanLbilt's Patented Metallic Embossed Composite Wall Panel is constructed from steel and concrete providing a water-proof heat insulation material suitable for all climates. Our factory manufactured best practices insure consistent Quality Control in a controlled environment not subject to the elements.

The structures are provided with a complete kit that includes exterior/interior walls, roof, door and windows.

Flexible architecturally aesthetic designs provide a major differentiation over traditional wood or prefab construction.



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