Waterproof Mold & Mildew Resistant Steel & Foam Cement Panels

100% Off-Grid Technology Solution

Better, Cheaper, Faster

Patented steel and concrete embossed foam panel design - factory manufactured to insure quality control and compliance with building codes


Rapid Disaster Recovery

PanLbilt responds to Hurricanes & Tornadoes with Rapid Assembly Water Proof Mold & Mildew Resistant Building Kits


  • Net Zero Energy Efficient

    Supports solar power energy in both cold and hot climates

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  • Rapid Assembly

    Patented kit contains full structure: exterior/interior wall panels, roof system, doors & windows with track system

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  • Green Technology

    Patented steel and concrete panel materials can be fully recycled after the useful life of the building structure

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  • Disaster Recovery

    Rapid replacement of residential & commercial property damaged by tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes with Mold & Mildew Resistant Steel & Foam Cement Panel Kits

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Green Technology 360 Off-Grid Solutions - Patented Steel & Foam Cement Building Panel Systems, Water from Air & Wind/Solar Energy
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PanLbilt's Green Solution



The future of infrastructure is just-in time. Just-in-time delivery of structures, ready to support people and business, customizable to the site, long lasting, ready for smart energy and water.

  • Just in time delivery of distributed energy, ready to support structures, the people who live and work in them, and the services they need, and ready for smart grids.
  • Just in time delivery of pure water, ready to support people and agriculture, able to work alongside smart power and smart grids.
  • Just in time delivery of fresh food from local sustainable agriculture, working hand in hand with smart energy and smart water.
  • Just in time delivery must work with the people already on site.

Whether for disaster recovery or urban rejuvenation or a mountain retreat, the people on-site must be able to assemble the systems and get them to work together. Just as no two sites and the people who live there are identical, so no two installations will be identical. Different mixes of structure and energy, of water and agriculture, supporting different aesthetic and cultural expectations, will be assembled on-site by the labor force available.

We are assembling an ecosystem of systems and companies, together creating smart infrastructure. Smart Infrastructure is able to interact with smart grids and smart water using open internationally recognized standards. Smart infrastructure is modular, easy to assemble onsite with semi-skilled labor.

Our components include:

 PanLbilt Quick-assembly of Residential and Commercial structures from patented factory manufactured steel and concrete foam panels supporting custom floor plans, rated to withstand Richter 9 earthquakes, 140 MPH winds, energy efficiency to Net Zero levels, easy to stage for rapid deployment.

PanLbilt Patented Steel & Foam Cement Panel

Spray In Foam Cement

Rated to R32 for insulation, up to Richter 9 and Winds up to 140 MPH

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 Modular Solar PV for installation on and around the structures, ready to support transactive energy for power sharing across neighborhood or district.

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 Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) patented systems either portable or stationary limited only by the power available and whose product quality exceeds all international standards for drinking water.

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 Smart agriculture employing patented hydroponic methodology that can be integrated with both the smart power and smart water systems in either wide area or land conserving configurations. Field integration of the systems with semi-skilled labor is possible because of careful physical engineering, and because the systems negotiate balance among themselves using open source standards-based transactive resource management.

PanLbilt Fresh Drinking Water from Air AWG Units

PanLbilt Overview

PanLbilt Social & Humanitarian Approach to the Refugee Crisis


PanLbilt Water from Air AWG Brainshark 

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